Alongside other Careers Advisers I had the opportunity to visit Royal Bank of Scotland in Manchester. RBS gave us an overview of opportunities for students and graduates and an insight into how they recruit students. After a really interesting overview of banking, which was all new to me!, we were informed that RBS are looking to attract students and graduates particularly to their new offices in Manchester. For further information on students and graduate opportunities at RBS visit:

We participated in a training session delivered by AMT Training which provided an overview of banking and the different types of organisations – Retail (e.g. RBS, Halifax, HSBC), Private (e.g. Coutts – RBS-owned), Commercial (e.g. JP Morgan, RBS, Deutsche, Santander, BNP Paribas) and Investment (e.g. Goldman Sachs, Barclays, UBS, RBS, Merryl Lynch). As you can see RBS operates in all areas of banking ensuring that there are numerous opportunities for banking.

Next came a brief talk from a Senior Banker who gave us an overview of the Department which he managed and the type of candidates they look for when recruiting graduates. The office in Manchester currently has approximately 450 staff and last year the organisation recruited 18 graduates and 16 apprentices. When recruiting graduates for Analyst positions some key attributes are:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to engage with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ability to build knowledge of products and markets
  • Creative and Innovative thinking
  • Drive and enthusiasm
  • Negotiation, teamwork and empathy

RBS is looking to attract Students and graduates to work in the Manchester office and look to recruit students early in their academic studies. For example, 1st year students have the opportunity to undertake work experience for a few weeks. There is an emphasis on students from a wide range of courses applying for positions and not just business and finance although being numerate will help. The organisation are extremely keen to become involved with Diversity groups at Universities.

Student and Graduate Programmes – 1st year students can apply for a Spring Insight Programme whilst 2nd years can apply for a 10 week summer internship. Pre-University students can attend Employability bootcamps (1 day) and Career Insight Programmes (2 days).

Graduate Programmes are available in:

  • Markets and Banking
  • Retail and Wealth
  • Specialist area such as Finance, HR, Technology etc

Application process:

  1. Online application (including competency-based questions) – Weaker applications are those that only include one sentence answers and have poor spelling and grammar.
  2. Online testing – Numerical and Inductive Reasoning tests
  3. Assessment Centre/Telephone Interview
  4. Final Interview/Assessment Centre

Application advice from current graduates on the scheme:

    • Apply early as places are filled on a rolling basis
    • Target your application to the area you are applying for
    • Try and show your personality in your application
    • Get support from your Careers Service
    • Try and enjoy the application process!