June 2016 – I recently attended a workshop from Google as part of the International Festival for Business taking place in Liverpool. The main theme was around establishing your digital presence both from an individual’s and an organisation’s point of view. As summary can be found below but the slides can be accessed at goo.gl/uOoNR8

The digital economy in the UK

  • UK is in the top 4 or 5 countries in terms of purchasing online at least once a month – 77% compared to 70% in Japan, 64% in Germany, 49% in China and 36% in Italy
  • However UK business face a major digital skills shortage – by 2020 there will be 825,000 unfilled vacancies for ICT professionals in the EU; less than 25% of SMEs have high digital maturity; businesses with a strong web presence grow twice as fast as those without
  • 50% of internet searches are now done on a mobile device
  • 45% of all videos viewed online are through a mobile device

Top 5 tips for building a successful site

  • You can test how a website looks on a mobile device at g.co/mobilefriendly
  • The importance of web analytics was highlighted – “understand which traffic sources are driving which visitors to do what
    • Who are my visitors?
    • How did they find me?
    • What are they doing on my site?
    • When do they leave my site?
    • What are they worth to me?
  • A great video analogy to explain how Google Analytics can impact the user experience can be found at https://www.youtube.com/v/3Sk7cOqB9Dk
  • Google has a free training site to develop your knowledge of everything digital – g.co/thedigitalgarage – A number of modules that can be completed on their own or together and pass a test to gain certification
  • Google offers opportunities to have your business listed  via Google My Business

Social Media in the UK

The UK lives on Social

  • Before you apply for any digital marketing or e-commerce role, search for yourself to see how you are presented to the digital world
    • Create a professional bio
    • Create & share valuable content
    • Consider the privacy of your channels
  • The power of online video – 45% of all videos viewed online are through a tablet or mobile device
    • Be a Thought Leader – create educational videos that offer genuine value to users, no need to sell
    • Create shareable content – viewers are more likely to share a video that elicits a strong emotional response
    • Identify potential collaborators – Research popular YouTube creators who share your target audience
  • YouTube Creator Academy provides support from everyday experts – g.co/creatoracademy