I recently attended a workshop exploring useful exercises for Careers Advisers to use in a group setting and also on a one-to-one basis. The morning focused on more traditional exercises and activities whilst the afternoon explored online tools and resources.

  • Post-it exercise – A review of the use of a long-established technique asking students to write down their thoughts on a particular issue. In this exercise the post-it note was folded over and then swapped with a colleague, swapped again etc. The idea/thoughts were then read out by someone who did not write them down originally as a method of anonymous feedback.


  • Blobs – The illustrations were developed by Pip Wilson working with young people in East London. Clients/students choose which figure best represents their current situation and the images can be used as a way to initiate discussions in a non-threatening way in one-to-one or group settings – www.blobtree.com. There are a wide range of situations – blob tree, blob bridge, blob football etc which could be used to explore aspirations and anxieties.
  • Decisions/Decisions – explored ways to help clients consider options and form decisions. An example being to write down the various options for a specific decision or career choice seperately, scrunch up the pieces of paper and then choose one to gauge initial reaction. You can also then place the options in order of preference.
  • Images – This technique was demonstrated previously by Liane Hambly at another event and involves showing a range of images (beach, waves, storms etc) and asking clients which image best represents their current situation in terms of their career at that moment. This can be a good way to unlock feelings as the images can be a better way to summarise feelings.
  • Success – This section discussed success and what this can actually mean for different clients. Music videos were shown for Applause (Lady Gaga), I was here (Beyoncé) and Billionaire (Travie McCoy) with the lyrics provided on hand-outs. The group discussed different criteria for success in the songs and how this also relates to career choice. We were introduced to a blog produced by the University of Salford Careers Service – 21 Days to Career Success for Graduates.

Digitally speaking

The afternoon session introduced a range of online tools and resources to encourage interaction in sessions and to display information or deliver key messages in an alternative format.


Canva – Design tool for posters, banners, presentations, social media etc (similar to desktop publishing)



Padlet – Textwall programme – responses can be moved around and grouped together. Can also moderate.


Poll Ev Poll Everywhere – Textwall software which can be used for surveys and responses in class

Kahoot! Kahoot – Quiz site and game-based learning platform. Very simple to use with lots of functions including multiple choice, use of images, and a countdown timer, which stops when everyone has answered. The site can be used for discussion or survey and students just need the game pin to take part

powtoon Powtoon – Creates animated videos and presentations. Could possibly be used on infographics although there are restrictions with a free account.

Other resources mentioned on the day by particpants, but not demonstrated were Moovly (online animation) and MeeToo (textwall/surveys/meetings). LJMU has a licence for the full version of MeeToo.